144 Launched to coincide with December 3, 2013 – Giving Tuesday

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Prior to super typhoon Haiyan making landfall in the Philippines YachtAid Global was hard at work to find effective ways to give to the people of the Philippines.

Through careful vetting and hard work we found a clever way to turn a one dollar donation to YachtAid Global into a four dollar benefit on the ground to help people.

This in turn led to us branding this unique effort as OneFor4.

Closed Projects:

– YachtAid Global team up with REEF founders Santiago and Fernando Aguerre,   Ross Garrett / SIMA to donatate a combined $ 20,000 usd to for water filters to Baja Sur in response to hurricane Odile. One dollar to YAG turned into 4 dollars to Waves for Water to benefit the people of Baja California Sur

–  YachtAid Global and Remote Medical International team up to donate to  see press release here.  YachtAid Global and Remote Medical International combine efforts and donate over $ 20,000 to Philippines

– Raised funds for one the ground in Manila ready to deploy into ground zero of typhoon RUBY landfall and path through the Philippines.

Proposed Projects:


–  Raise funds or ABSAR in Antigua.  Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue.  All funds to YAG for this cause will be matched by YAG up to maximum of $ 2500 usd.  In addition, we are seeking a corporate visionary to match our donation to ABSAR.  The corporate visionary is expected to match our minimum $ 2500 donation or could be as much as a $ 5000 YAG donation depending on how successful we are.  We will then have a 1 for 4 donation in place !

To donate go here home page top right corner